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How does your garden grow?

I cut the first squash off the vine today and brought it inside. It weighs 1.6kg, which is a pretty good size for a squash. It isn't ripe yet, but the nights are drawing in and I didn't want frost to get it. I've left the others out there; when the next two get closer to eating size I'll bring one in and leave the other out, to see the difference in how they ripen.

The seeds for the squash cost me just over a pound, I think. I started them in small containers indoors and then planted them out in late June or early July (about as late as possible), with some more store-bought compost as the front garden is mostly rocks. The water used to water it was rainwater collected in the water butt. Total spend somewhere around two pounds, I guess. I've seen single butternut squashes sold for that much, and they were smaller than this one. Organic ones are even more. It looks like I might have another four or five squashes coming, and would have had even more if I'd not been so late with planting.

I really like butternut squash a lot, so I'm very happy to have grown these. I will definitely grow some more next year, and I'll be able to start earlier. I'd also like to grow pumpkins. In fact, it's getting to that time of year where I need to do garden planning and figure out what I want to grow and how to make it fit and what I need to do when.

Do you have a garden? What are you growing this year? If you don't have a garden, do you grow any plants indoors? What do you grow and why? If you had to choose only three edible plants to grow, which would you choose? Why?
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Am currently not growing anything - mainly 'cos I've forgotten your list of stuff I could try growing indoors!

If I had a garden, my top three plants would be:
peppers (maybe, not sure it's warm enough to grow them in the UK)
Soon I will no longer have a garden to plant things in. I will have a balcony though and I am planning on growing some herbs on it.
In the UK people with no garden can apply for allotments. Have you considered this?

There is a place with alotments next to the flats. I have looked at them, but I still have to phone people and try to get on the waiting list.