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Techno Hippie Commune

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Techno Hippie Community
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This is meant to be a community for some of us who are starting a techno hippie community, hopefully sometime within the next five to ten years. Membership is open to people who will not ultimately have direct involvement in this project, but is moderated to avoid uncontrollable flakiness. That means if you try to join, you'll have to wait for one of the moderators to approve you before you can see friends-only posts in this community or post to it yourself. Much of the decision-making process for this is arbitrary and based on gut instinct that can be difficult to explain. If I'm not sure about someone I usually wait a while and then make a decision... so be patient. If you want to introduce yourself in a comment to one of the public entries it may help.

More later. Moderators are ewtikins and pfy. We don't usually bite.

Someday, there will be a (more private) wiki. I haven't yet decided whether wiki access will be open to all community members, or just people genuinely interested in joining the real-life community.

Note that there is a difference between watching a community and joining it. Note also that joining a community does not automatically mean you will be watching it on your "friends" list.

Probably a good idea to put a list of useful links here. I'm in a dodgy netcaf at the moment, but off teh top of my head:

http://www.selfsufficiency.net - huge list of links here.

Better Times Almanac - An Occasional Almanac of Useful Information about Simple, Sustainable, and Frugal Living
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