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rosehips & sundry

Autumn is well & truly here now. Yesterday we made it a Family Day; and started the misty moisty morning by doing a quick leaf cleanup in the yard. Then off to the park down by the river (by park, I of course mean nature & wildlife preserve). Monkey Boy sent a few worms to the lake gods and slumbering fish and the rest of us wandered about along paths and near prickly shrubbery. Tree Frog was saddened by said thick plant growth, for it made it impossible for him to leave marked territory and strike out into the wild. Shark Bait was amazed at his good fortune in being Outside with Raindrops on his head. He burbled and babbled in his Bjorn and kept his Daddy entertained.

Meanwhile, I happily plucked a few plump rosehips and noted that were I inclined to gather the fluff for spinning, I could have scored in the milkweed seed pod department. (I had to google for a pic, having neglected to bring spare batteries for the camera, I was unable to take pics).

I'm drying the rosehips and will add them to tea at some point. If I wanted to make jelly, I think I'd need a LOT more than the couple handfuls I picked. no, I KNOW I would.

And I've noted where the milkweed pods are, so next year if I'm ambitious, I can gather seed fluff to try the spinning. I should be able to acquire a spindle by then, one would think.

There were a lot of bushes with dark berries, of unknown species. My field guides are packed. I don't think it is an edible berry though. There were also a bunch of those white waxy berries that birds love. I am 99% sure those are not edible. I didn't care to wade in cold lake to dig for cattail root. Some other time.
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