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Birds & Things

We recently moved, and with our new house we inherited some exciting things. Rain-gutters on the house! In shabby repair, but they are THERE. So far, no great bargains have come through the auction or thrifty ads for rain barrels, but we've got our eyes peeled.

Also, when we looked at the house, there were bird-feeding stations in several locations in the yard. While the previous owners took most of the feeders, they did leave one seed feeder and a bird bath behind. I've not in the past put out feeders, because once you do, it seems the only responsible thing is to keep them filled for eternity. The little birds, after all, learn it is a food source, and will come to eat. But it was obvious the people who used to live here, did feed birds. So I bought a giant bag of bird feed, and filled the one remaining feeder. So far I have a nesting pair of red finches and a nesting pair of black-capped chickadees, and a bunch of other songbirds that may or may not be random visitors. Also put out a seeded suet feeder, but need to relocate it, as the birds don't seem to approve of where it is hanging.

My mother-in-law is having a major issue over me feeding birds. "I wouldn't recommend ANYone put out feeders, what with BIRD FLU". I told her I was less concerned about bird flu than I was West Nile virus, but I still let the kids play outside. I don't think that soothed her nerves any. That did get me thinking though, about what I would do if/when/if the economy or environment goes such that I cannot just run to the store and buy bird seed. Any ideas? I'd hate for creatures who humans taught to be dependent, to go hungry.

Anyhow, I'm dying to start a new herb garden, and grow veggies, but I have no idea where my light & shade patterns throughout the growing season will fall. The PLan: acquire moveable planters. I'm thinking old wheelbarrows, wagons, and such. I can either make sure they're reasonably tight enough to keep the dirt IN, or use them to hold pots. And then, I can move the entire thing around the yard as needed.

problem: no old things with which to do this. Also: weather hating me. Last week we got several inches of snow!
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