A series of load-bearing errors (ewtikins) wrote in techipcom,
A series of load-bearing errors

It's been a while since I posted anything here...

Thames Water has instituted a hosepipe ban, as expected. My water butt is full from the rain this winter. I have plans for a small greywater system for additional water for the garden. Recently I had a shed-destroying party, and one of the things we found was several metres of irrigation tubing - the sort you bury under the soil and send water down. I don't know if it requires a lot of pressure to work, but I'm quite interested in using as much of it as I can, because I'd lose a lot less water to evaporation. This drought highlights the water collection problems we might face when building a for-real community; sometimes, rainfall might not be enough. Other times there might be too much rain for our storage capacity. Streams and rivers might run dry at certain seasons or in very dry years. What are ways around this? Creative water conservation, creative rainfall collection when we do have rainfall and creative rainfall storage/treatment come to mind. Effective systems for greywater would be good, too.

The garden itself is doing reasonably. I've planted out strawberries and rhubarb and garlic and purple French beans, and damn the frost. Many of the canes I put into the ground in the autumn haven't made it - I think I soaked the roots for too long - but one of the currants (not sure if it'll be black or red) and the elder are very much alive, and maybe another of the currants will make it as well. I bought a lot of plants and need to get them out soon - planning to do some of that tomorrow. I've re-potted the rosemary, and planted the lemon tree in a pot (it needs to come indoors in the winter), it has little teensy lemons on it I think!

The shed-destroying party was a lot of fun; I'm still meaning to do a proper update on it over at my personal journal, but I need to take a few hours to sort through the pictures properly. The shed got destroyed, I have a workable plan for a picnic table that doesn't suck, and I had an absolutely lovely time. hairyears made thirty-odd newspaper containers for me to use in lieu of those peat pots that you plant straight into the ground. I'm planning to use them for the thing that want to be started off indoors. I'm still shocked at the number of people who turned up knowing they would be made to do work! And when it was time to pile all the shed pieces in the corner because it started to rain, the whole thing was done in less time than it took for me to wash the potatoes. Many hands really do make light work.

I took some catmint cuttings from a park downtown. Not sure if they'll make it but worth a try; I've covered the pot with an old hanging basket so that the neighbourhood cats don't decimate the catmint before it has a chance to establish itself.

I recently ended up with a new mobile phone. No joy yet on making it talk to the computer; I suspect I'm not going to have much luck. It does have a T Flash slot, whatever weird-ass sort of flash memory that entails, so perhaps I can get some of that and a card reader. Another time, though. The good news is that it will charge from the solar panel I have. The old phone will be returned to Orange once I've had my number transferred; I believe it will be taken to bits and recycled somehow, although I'd have to check to be sure.

I've also been trying to get old laptops up and running and online, with limited success.

I haven't learned any more electronics, fixed the spinning wheel or managed to get my bicycle out onto the Thames Path. For now, the gardening is taking priority over all of these.
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