A series of load-bearing errors (ewtikins) wrote in techipcom,
A series of load-bearing errors

Parabolic solar cooker?

I teach in Golders Green/Brent Cross on Tuesdays, and for the past several weeks I have noticed that there is a discarded satellite dish, apparently free for the taking, in one of the random rubbish piles I walk past.

Satellite receiver dishes, as I understand it, collect waves and focus them at the little sticky-out receiver thing (technical terms are important), which then sends pictures to your TeeVEe.

I have no TeeVee, and no particular use for one. I'd love to have a solar cooker, though, and light is, after all, waves. I've seen various plans for parabolic solar cookers but they all seem a bit fiddly and difficult to put together. But if I could simply put some shiny foil on that discarded receiver dish, well, then I've got a pre-made shiny parabola. Right?

Do you think this would work? I'm aware that the diameter of the mini-dish might be too small for the very fast cooking that some parabolic cookers can provide, and also that it isn't particularly portable, but I'd still be quite interested in getting the hang of using it in my back garden.

Failing that I'm quite tempted to try this method with the next broken umbrella I come across.
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